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Kristin Chenoweth on Conan Doing a Bit

Kristin Chenoweth is her Usual Adorable Self

Kristin Chenoweth goes through a chain restaurant bit on the Conan late night show. She also gets to compare her height to Conan, which is pretty funny, since he is famously tall and she ... isn't. This aired in March 2012.

Kristin Chenoweth Parodies Anthony Weiner

Kristin Chenoweth is Perfect

Kristin Chenoweth kills two birds with one stone by singing the (to some ears annoying) tune "Popular" from the musical "Wicked" as a parody of Anthony Weiner. She has the perfect chops for this, with all the Broadway mannerisms and inflections down pat. You may have to be into the theater scene to really appreciate this, or at least up on New York City political dirt.

As background, Kristin performed the leading role of Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, in "Wicked" on Broadway in 2003-2004 before leaving to star in "The West Wing" on television. She was nominated for a Tony Award for the role, and, to the extent that she has one, it is her trademark role.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Season DVD

This is the story of a mean girl Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb) who thinks she has it all. Unfortunately, her rich husband is cheating on her and running a massive scam, only to die under scandalous circumstances. Penniless, she returns to her small, close-knit home town in Texas with her two children to live with her mother (Annie Potts) and begin life anew.

Mom, though, is old-fashioned and expects the family to attend church every Sunday. Meanwhile, Amanda's old enemies are lying in wait to gloat over her misfortune and dispense retribution for Amanda's past slights. Payback is a ... belle, and everyone pretends to be high-minded while sticking knives in each others' backs as often as possible.

Amanda tries to make friends with the old acquaintances who hate her, but that fails. Her arrival stirs up the entire town, with rumors of her having an affair with a friend's husband. She has to take a job which is demeaning, and her relationship with her children is crumbling. And all that happens in the first week!

The series was cancelled quickly after protests from Newt Gingrich and other that the series portrayed Christians in a bad light.

Filled with several featurettes, including:

  • “Bigger in Texas” looks at the transformations the women of the show had to go through to become their Texas counterparts-- from hair and make-up to costumes and more. Costume designer Robert Blackman describes the Dallas style, highlighting each character’s look through multiple examples.
  • “Living Large” takes Annie Potts, Jennifer Aspen, and production designer Deny Dugally through a tour of GCB’s world, showcasing how the Texas spirit is brought to life through authentic details.
  • “Preaching it to the Choir” is a set visit and conversation with Kristen Chenoweth and Miriam Shor, among a few other cast members, as they sing some of their thoughts as to why music was such an important part of GCB.
  • “GCB: Most Likely To…” asks the cast to rate and review the rest of their team, labelling each other “Best Dressed” and “Class Clown.” This is where the walls come down, and you’ll learn what those girls really think of each other! It is the perfect cherry on top of this already sweet cake.

Stars Bibb, Jennifer Aspen, Potts, Marisol Nichols, Kristen Chenoweth, Eric Winter, Miriam Shore, Brad Beyer. Brought to you by Darren Starr ("90210") and Robert Hartling ("Steel Magnolias"). Based on the writing of Kim Gatlin.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Why was GCB Canceled? A few reasons ...

Why was GCB Canceled? A few reasons ...


Why was GCB canceled? Here are a few reasons.
The obvious reason it was canceled was the low viewership on ABC. ABC intended GCB to be a replacement for Desperate Housewives, but here are some reasons why GCB failed for ABC.

It was introduced to the American public portraying Christians and Christianity in a negative light:
  • GCB originally meant "Good Christian B*itches," (strike 1) and then ABC was bombarded with feedback by religious and right-winged groups saying that the title would not fly with them. ABC then tried to appease the groups by saying GCB meant "Good Christian Belles. Nice try.
  • The show then went on to portray a cast of stars such as Kristin Chenoweth trying to be very Christian but ending up being hypocritical at the same time (this was basically the premise of the whole show). Again, ABC insulted a whole group of people that is very religious. Not a way to gain viewership or fans. Not that Christian women can't be hypocrites but aren't almost all people hypocritical at one time or another?
  • Mainstream America is Christian. I'm not talking about people from big liberal cities like New York City or L.A. I'm talking about small and mid-sized towns and rural America that makes up about 70% of the landscape of the U.S. That is mainstream America. This America is still very Christian. They aren't going to watch a show that makes fun of the very fabric of their lives.

Women's groups also disliked the title behind GCB from the get-go:
  • The title "Good Christian B*tches" also angered some women's groups who didn't think women should be referred to as "b*itches" in general.

The message of the show didn't resonate with non-Christians that much either:
  • Unless you are specifically a fan of showing Christians in a negative light, then this show might not have appealed to you. And not everyone gets why the premise "everything is big in Texas" should be funny either.

The time slot is bad for new shows:
  • Introducing a new show to America at 10 p.m. on Sunday - when many American people are winding down and getting ready to go to bed for work the next day - is a bad move. People aren't ready for new commitments at 10 p.m.

GCB is an expensive production:
  • Paying stars like Leslie Bibb, Kristin Chenoweth, and Annie Potts; all of the mansions and expensive settings; all of the flashy clothes - do not make for a financially sound show unless the viewership is high. And it wasn't.

It wasn't a great replacement for Desperate Housewives:
  • Desperate Housewives had mystery, intrigue, and sometimes a moral to the end of each story. It also had a wide range of female personalities. It portrayed families, and most notably -- housewives. Housewives are an often ignored segment of America. But you didn't have to be a housewife to like this show. You could simply be female and want a house in the suburbs and a family. You could also be a man. Men I know used to tell me they liked Desperate Housewives because some of the women were hot, there were actual storylines, and that it showed the sneaky side of women's natures. GCB came off as a comedy with cartoonishly portrayed women and a skewed portrayal of Christianity.

I watched about four episodes of GCB. There were things I liked about the show -- the fashion, some of the jokes, the nice houses, Annie Potts, and how most of the women were married with strong husbands -- not deadbeats as modern society often throws in our faces. But it would never have replaced Desperate Housewives for me. That is a show I will truly miss.

GCB Cancelled But Online Petition Underway to Bring Show Back

GCB Cancelled But Online Petition Underway to Bring Show Back

By Jennifer Lee, EnStarz | May 14, 2012 12:16 PM EDT
An online petition to save ABC's scrapped show "GCB" has been set up by fans who were gutted to find out that the show will not continue next season.  A website call to save has been created by Randy Bragdon, which has a petition to "Save GBC: Tell ABC Not to Cancel GCB".  The site already received over 14,450 signatures. When it reaches 15,000, the petition will be sent toABC Entertainment in a bid to save the show.

UPDATE: GCB Petition Gets Over 40k Signatures; Wendy Williams Starts Own Petition to Save Hit Show

 The website reads:
"This petition is directed to the management of ABC Entertainment regarding their new show GCB, currently shown at 10:00 pm on Sundays. We, the undersigned, wish to show our eagerness for the show to be given a chance to prove itself for a second season and beyond.If the viewers are given enough time to engage in this continuing narrative we believe they will become loyal, long-term fans of the show. Thank you for taking the time to read this - here's to many future successful episodes of GCB!"
ABC has cancelled its controversial "GCB" series, along with "The River" ,"Missing" and "Pan Am".

The show averaged just under 6 million viewers and the network decided not to go on with the second season.

The original title of the show was "Good Christian Bitches", which raised eyebrows. It then changed to "Good Christian Belles", before the name finally settled on GCB. The series was based on a novel by Kim Gatlin called "Good Christian Bitches."
According to Pegasus News, One Million Moms boycotted the controversial first season of the show, saying it offered a "bigoted portrayal of Christianity."

The show's cast tweeted their disappointment of the show after the news broke.

Cast member Jennifer Aspen. She tweeted on Friday: "I'm so sorry to tell you all that #GCB has been cancelled by ABC. #Heartbroken."
Leslie Bibb, who plays Amanda, tweeted: "To all u #GCB fans & Amanda lovers, thx 4 the <3..Appreciate it & just wait, we'll get 2 go on a new fun ride somewhere else! #lifeisperfect".
Actress Kristin Chenoweth wrote "Our entire ensemble of actors on GCB are saddened. :("

ABC Cancels Controversial 'GCB' Series

ABC Cancels Controversial 'GCB' Series

By Anugrah Kumar , Christian Post Contributor
May 13, 2012|11:38 am

ABC has canceled its freshman series with the controversial title "GCB," which some believed mocked Christians, as it failed to attract enough viewership.

ABC has officially passed on ordering second seasons of four series, including "GCB," which is based on Kim Gatlin's novel Good Christian B's and centers on a newly widowed woman who moves back with her family to the upscale Dallas, Texas, neighborhood where she grew up, according to
The "Missing," "The River" and "Pan Am" series have also been canceled.
The series, which was changed from the original title "Good Christian B's" to "Good Christian Belles" and finally to "GCB," was only able to attract an average of 5.9 million viewers and 1.9 ratings in the adults 18-to-49 demographic.
Stars of the series, touted as the heir to the "Desperate Housewives" throne, tweeted about its cancellation.
"[ABC] is literally in a room in NY right now deciding our fate. #GCB #GCBSeason2 #PleaseLord," cast member Jennifer Aspen wrote on Twitter Friday, and then announced, "I'm so sorry to tell you all that #GCB has been cancelled by ABC. #Heartbroken."
"Onstage. Sound check. Bad timing abc. San Fran will get a great show tho!" Kristen Chenoweth, head "GCB" Carlene Cockburn in the series, wrote on Twitter.
Leslie Bibb, the protagonist who plays a divorced mother and former high school "mean girl," tweeted, "To all u #GCB fans & Amanda lovers, thx 4 the
The American Family Association had filed a petition against the show, saying, "With a title like Good Christian B's, you can imagine what kind of show it will be. Even if they change the title, the content will still mock people of faith."
One Million Moms also called for a boycott of "GCB" as "blasphemy at its worst!"

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Kristen Chenoweth Fractures Skull

Kristen Chenoweth talks about a stage light falling on her while filming a movie in July 2012.